fast as fast can be

When things start moving it all happens so fast!  I am down to two days here at the job I am leaving and just 4 from flight 1 for the first week of training.

Rick will stay through July – the movers are coming to get an estimate today.  Some very very good friends are moving into the farmhouse when we vacate.

My training schedule is as follows:

Week 1 – INDY

Week 2 – Baltimore

Week 3 and 4 – Indy

Finish in St Louis

We are house hunting and would like to have a pool so the grands beg their parents to go to Nana and Papa’s house 😀

Life is such a great adventure and we have been so blessed with abundant opportunity.

stay tuned…8f9470ca-b59b-405d-b0c8-6ea1c1d4ad8f-original

Saying goodbye to the blueberry farm


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When we were blessed with the opportunity to spend time in the PNW, we both realized it would be temporary – we didn’t know what temporary looked like but we knew we’d eventually want to return to the mid-west.

It has been 20 months and our time is ending.  The past 20 months have been filled with beautiful weather, mountains, oceans, farm life and more.  I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.  Who ever dreamed we’d have this adventure – a true blessing.  The people we have met, the friends we’ve made all add to the richness of our lives.

When I found out my current job would end in September I knew the time was coming.  I was given the opportunity for a position in CA but declined yet another adventure because it was even further from where we want to be.

I am currently helping my co-workers with resumes and job searches while they determine what this fork in the road means for them.

As for us – well we are open within reason.  While we’d love to get to KC and eventually will, for now we’d accept anywhere within a 4 hour drive to our beloved Hunter, Colton, Lincoln, Charlotte and Easton.  Weekend sleep overs and pj parties are in our future.  Lincoln is here in Portland with us this week while his family is attending a wedding in Scotland.  He is keeping us in a happy place!

I would like to work for a company that isn’t going to be sold anytime soon – also I want them to be successful (a winner) who believes in developing talent for a long term partnership.  I want a solid, successful organization.

I want AMAZON!…

and that is where I will be going!  I start training 6/27 to lead the HR efforts for a new large fulfillment center in the St Louis area… close enough to spend a day with the grands anytime we want!

Stay tuned!


My boys are coming home…

Thank-you-God-for-everythingThe 25th the Glen’s will officially be coming back to KC.  Friends are throwing them a welcome home party.  I can’t go see them until baby 3 arrives and I am so jealous of everyone who will be enjoying them.

My daughter is such a great Mom!  I learn from her all the time.  By the time she had her first child she had an education in early childhood development, she had taught preschool for years and was teaching kindergarten.  She has been the best stay at home Mom while in London (and will be back in KC with the arrival of her 3rd son).  She makes me so very proud.

Grand children make it okay to get old.  Prior to grand kids it just sucked to get older but now it means my little bright shining loves are here and they make life amazing.

When I see Lee and Jamie with Linc and Charlie my heart just sings.  I feel like Lacie and Lee are such gifts to the world and me makes me proud and emotional.

I know God is in charge and has me here in the PNW for a reason but I sure hope part of his plan is to get me back to KC at some point to be close to my babies.



I have been absent


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for no other reason than life happens

after our fun visit with the Glenn boys we got to spend a week with Lincoln while his folks enjoyed a babymoon in Mexico. Lincoln is a very happy guy and was so much fun!

Also Colton turned 2 Dec 23 and has become quite a silly character!

And Hunter got his first part in a play – unfortunately the crowd overwhelmed him and he ran off the stage. But he was adorable.

And notably we welcomed our first grandDAUGHTER on November 28th.  She is beautiful and we meet her in person on New Year’s Eve/Day. Charlotte Grace Rosterman – you can see her in the pic section.

The farm is flooded as this has been the wettest Dec in history. I am still happy it isn’t snow.

Rick and I have moved to a Paleo/Primal lifestyle.  In a nutshell it is life of avoiding processed foods.  Paleo can be looked at many ways but for us it is about whole natural foods.  No grain, dairy, legumes, sugar.

Sweeten with dates – bake with coconut, yucca root, cashews etc. Say no to soda, chips, pizza, junk food and hello to real food.  We both love to cook so that helps.

It has been two months and we are very happy with it.








IMG_1882This sad face is my fault – who want s to hold cars they can’t play with 😦




IMG_1886 1 IMG_1887 1 IMG_0172 IMG_0173 IMG_0169 IMG_0702 IMG_0706

Life is too short to care what others think so we live how we want to live.  We enjoy the PNW and spend weekends at the coast when possible.  We’d love to eventually get back to MO where our grandbabies are but God as our plan all worked out.

We have a booth at a upcycle sale in Feb.  We are really having fun getting ready for it.  I’ll post some pics of our projects here soon!

We are super excited the Glenn’s are moving back from London in February and will welcome baby #3 in April.  We are truly blessed!

The Glenn’s Boys come to Nana & Papa’s House


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IMG_1732 We had the best week with our Glenn boys and Daughter.  Dad had to stay in London and work so we missed him.

The weather was wonderful and we did many fun things!

They arrived Friday the 25th and got to the farm just in time to check out where the play room was and what it had in store for them and then it was off to bed.

Knowing the boys like to play dress up and are into pirates we had a pirate suit for each of them.


We kept Saturday low key as everyone as experiencing some lag.  They both put on their Pirate suit, but Hunter was steadfast and even kept the eye patch on for a very long time.

Sunday we ventured to the farmer’s market and played outside.  We checked the garden and picked tomatoes.  Our pumpkins are still green so Hunter declared they could not be picked.  Then we walked to the orchard where we picked apples.

We used some of our apples to make apple juice.  While Hunter enjoyed the process of making the juice, Colton was all about gulping down that fresh apple juice.





IMG_1731 IMG_1729


IMG_1719 IMG_1718 Monday we made a trip to Cannon Beach where the weather was warm and the sand was inviting.  We flew a kite and made sand castles, searched for shells and waded in the icy cold water.


When we arrived back at the farm we had two very tired boys!IMG_1724 IMG_1726 IMG_1768 20151001_113408 IMG_1774 IMG_1769Nana had to work Tues, Wed, Thur so the boys, Lacie and Papa had some adventures.  They went to the Children’s Museum and voodoo donuts!  They also went fishing and Hunter caught his first fish ever!   IMG_1817 IMG_1814 IMG_1811On Saturday we visited Roloff farm (yes Little People, Big World) where there were all kinds of fun things for the boys to do!

We also made a trip to the Zoo where we enjoyed wild life and nature on a very nice day. These boys are used to trains since they life in London and do not have a car there.   IMG_1808 IMG_1803

While we all hated to see it end, they are headed back to London today.  I am sure Dad will be very happy to have them home.

Hunter will turn 3 next week and is looking forward to his Pirate Birthday Party.

Hunter also has a Peterpan  costume and I enjoyed watching the movie with him (in costume of course).  Colton is crazy for Buzz and Woody so that was seen a few times as well.

These visits are priceless!

The Oregon Coast


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This was our weekend.  No we don’t know all the people in the pics but we wanted to show that on the same beach there were folks in swim suites as well as wet suites and more.  the thing about the OR coast is that it isn’t really warm beach swim type of environment (although you can see some do).  It is more wade, surf, hike and just enjoy type of beach.

We are 1 hour from the coast and really enjoy weekends there.  We like to hunt drift wood, crab, fish, explore and just really enjoy it.  The smell of the fresh air and the beauty of God’s creations.  We did some whale watching and they were plentiful and busy – you can see a tail in my pics.  It was really awesome!

The Oregon coast is always cooler than in the city.  It is typically overcast and cool but in a nice take a walk on the beach kind of cool.  There are areas that get warm enough to swim but they seem fewer.

We are going back next month to do some crabbing and I can’t wait!!

I am counting the days until Lacie, Hunter & Colton arrive.  We are setting up a play room and planning fun adventures.  They will be here two full weekends so we will hit the beach for sure!

I am still canning LOL because I can and I enjoy it.  The farm has an abundance of things we get to have some of – I am currently putting up applesauce and tomato sauce a few batches at a time.  Sometimes I water bath them and other times I freeze them.  It is nice to think we will have a supply all winter and can start over next summer.  I’ve learned so much this year I will be better prepared next year.

I some grapes now and am going to attempt jelly this weekend – not jam with pectin but actually cooking the grapes until they turn to jelly – wish me luck!

We have a tote of toys, a tote of dress up stuff, movies and more… cannot wait!!

Life happens


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My father passed away.  It wasn’t a surprise as he has been ready for a while and yet it was a surprise because some events took place that added to it.  Anyway he is at peace now and for that I am thankful.

We found a church – for anyone wondering.  I wasn’t raised in a Christian household.  I was always curious about this God that so many loved, but I didn’t know him.  Every time I would try to go to Church and find out, I’d be pounced on and scared away.  That’s how I saw it then.

  • Myth: Christians think they are better than others
  • Truth: Christians know they are broken and seek strength and guidance
  • Myth: Christians are judging everyone
  • Truth: Humans are judging everyone but a true Christian makes every effort to know they have no right or ability to judge anyone
  • Myth: Christians think they can commit any sin and just because they believe they are forgiven
  • Truth: Christians are human so yes they do sin – but they don’t sin purposely and with no regard for what is right; they just by nature of being human do sin

Everyone has been forgiven – we just have to take the forgiveness and live in the word as best we can.

Really they didn’t mean to pounce on me – they were so on fire with the Love of Jesus that they wanted to share it with me.  Thankfully God sent me to work in Marshfield, WI where I met someone who became a dear friend before I even knew her spiritual beliefs.  She took me to Church and didn’t let anyone pounce on me.

I miss her and my Church family there.  That was where I found Jesus.  They also cared for us during both our illnesses – and they will forever be special in our hearts.

Ha Ha I love our new Church too and will get to know my new Church family

Not everyone has to believe what I believe – I won’t judge you; who am I do judge anyone

I am of course counting the days until I see my boys again.  Hunter and Colton are coming to Portland the end of September for a week.  I have fun surprises for them.  We are going to stay with Lincoln in KC for a week in October.

Recently Lincoln (and his folks) went to London to visit – see the fun pics.  Also Colton and Hunter took their folks to Euro Disney – more fun pics!

Hunter returned from Disney as Peter Pan!  The Royal pictures were taken in side Buckingham Palace on the tour.  So fun they have this area for the kids!

We’re still smitten with Portland, but that’s a whole other blog posting

Peace Out